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Immersive Technologies

We provide Mixed Reality (MR) Training Solutions

Mixed reality improves learning outcomes and transforms education with new affordable tools and devices that increase student engagement and expand student reach.


Drive better learning outcomes

Training shifting to new models with less direct instruction increased remote collaboration and self-directed learning.

Transform class time

Mixed reality provides more options to enhance their curriculum and the traditional classroom experience via visual instruction and discussion aids.

Empower student to achieve more

Mixed reality delivers interactive learning experiences that empower students to learn better and faster, equipping them with immediately applicable knowledge.
Best Practices for Effective Learning

Exploring if immersive is the right learning tool

With MR, students can learn by doing from anywhere with holographic instructions and assessments.

Use Cases

Mixed Reality Solutions for Training


Reduce downtime, transform your workforce, and build more agile factories. With MR devices, employees can quickly learn complex tasks and collaborate at the moment from anywhere.


Empower teams to work securely and enhance patient treatment by reducing time-to-care. With MR Devices, health professionals can connect with remote experts.


Improve learning results and revolutionise curriculum with hands-on lesson plans that convey complex concepts in 3D.

MR Pre-Development Processes

Every use case requires a different solution, and we are fully committed to providing a custom-made service that best serves your needs.


Generating ideas with bodystorming

Getting stakeholders to think about actual life events occurring in the real world, beyond the traditional world of 2D devices, is key to developing innovative mixed reality experiences.

Acting and expert feedback

Following the bodystorming process of ideating with physical objects in the real world, the next step is to walk through an experience with these objects. We call this phase of the process acting and it often involves staging how a user would move through the experience or a specific interaction.

Capturing ideas with storyboards

The best method for conveying the ideas and concepts of your proposed experience depends on your intended audience and the type of feedback your next iteration requires.
We work with Microsoft HoloLens 2 (Information from Microsoft Website)

Mixed Reality Hardware Devices

The market leading MR device, For precise, efficient hands-free work. Remain focused on safely completing tasks error-free with hand tracking, built-in voice commands, eye tracking, spatial mapping, and large field of view.

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