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Commercial Pilot Training Services

We are an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). Our primary role is to provide synthetic flight training courses for commercial airlines and pilots.


Established Training Centre

We are an Approved Training Centre by CAAS. Since 2018, we have trained more than 200 pilots/trainees, and many of whom are currently employed by airlines in the region.

Qualified Training Personnel

All our ground and simulator flight instructors are experienced airline pilots with vast flying experience. They are motivated to teach and willing to share their experience with you.

Strong Regional Network

Our flight simulators and training programs have been approved by CAAS of various countries, such as CAAS, CAAV, CAAC, DGCA, UKCAA and EASA.
Hello and welcome to Haite Singapore. Our training centre is committed to providing high standard of synthetic flight training in a conducive learning environment.
- Peter, General Manager

Reputed and Certified Aviation Training Provider

All our synthetic flight instructors (SFI) are former airline captains from established airlines. Some of them were instructor pilots and examiners while serving in the airline. They are dedicated and will guide you throughout the training duration.

Our Training Programmes

A320 Type Rating Course

This course is based on Airbus flight crew transition program. It is a systematic approach to instruction starting with ground school followed by practical training. You will be guided throughout the training by our instructors.

At the end of the training, you will be able to carry out the tasks safely and efficiently in accordance with the training objectives, and issue with the Airbus 320 type rating certificate.

The course duration, including type rating, JetFam and MCC, is approximately forty days (excluding rest days).

reactivation training course

A320 Reactivation

The Reactivation Training Program is a training requirement for pilots wishing to re-qualify for the type rating endorsed in their pilot license. HAITE AST offers a Reactivation pilot training course that meets all CAAS requirements.

Jet Orientation Course/Multi-crew Cooperation

This programme includes Jet Familiarisation and Multi-crew Cooperation for candidates who have no previous jet experience on multi-crew aeroplane.

Airplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

Our UPRT programme is based on OEM and ICAO recommendations. Our simulator has state-of-the art features that have been approved by the State authority to ensure training is conducted within the validated flight envelop, and feedback feature to provide realistic debrief.

Recurrent / Refresher Programme

For our airline customers, we can conduct recurrent training for your pilots. You will provide us the training profiles, and we will ensure that training be carried out in accordance with your airline’s policy and procedures. We will also ensure that your expectation of training standards is met.

Customised Programmes

We can organise and plan customised programmes to meet your specific requirements, such as, command upgrade training, recency/refresher/CCQ training, etc. We will work with you in planning the programmes, have it validated before starting the training. And we will ensure that the required standards are achieved.

Our Training Devices

Full Flight Simulators

Airbus & Boeing Simulators certified to EASA/FAA Level D

Procedures Trainer

EASA CS-FSTD(A) FTD Level 1 Powerful entry-level training device

Cabin Trainer

Indoor operations, malfunctions, fire, and smoke training