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Customised E-Learning Content Design & Development

We specialise in developing training materials using pedagogical approaches that cater to the unique learning needs of businesses, schools, tuition centers, and government agencies.

Furthermore, we enhance training experiences through advanced technology, offering a range of delivery methods for comprehensive and impactful learning solutions. Our versatility includes Mobile Learning for Android and iOS, compatibility with SCORM 1.2, 2004, TinCan xAPI, AICC, and HTML 5 Packages. This ensures a seamless and accessible learning journey across diverse platforms and preferences.

3 Simple Steps

Create Engaging Learning Experiences

We offer comprehensive ONE-STOP services dedicated to supporting you in the development of training content. Our expertise lies in the meticulous application of instructional design strategies, ensuring the creation of engaging and effective learning materials. We specialize in crafting content with varying levels of interactivity, tailored to meet your unique training needs.



To design training materials using an instructional strategy based on learning objectives, and target audiences.


Develop content through pedagogy approaches and learning activities, such as storytelling and scenario-based learning strategies.


Deploy your training courses through in-house platforms or choose to have our cloud-based Learning Management Systems.

Cost to Develop E-Learning Courses

Costing to develop customed eLearning is depends on your course content readiness and length, and desired interactivities.


Content Duration and Learning Mode

The length of the course and the mode of learning (self-paced, instructor-led, blended) significantly impact costs. Longer courses with complex interactive elements often require more resources and time to develop.

Depth of Training Content

The depth of the content also plays a role. Courses that focus on simple knowledge transfer and comprehension are generally less expensive than those that require learners to apply and evaluate what they've learned, which may involve creating simulations or complex scenarios.

Readiness of Materials

The state of your existing content can affect costs. If you have complete materials, including scripts, images, and videos, the development process may be faster and less expensive compared to starting from scratch.

Three Levels of Content Depth

We assist you in selecting the most suitable option for your needs:
Knowledge & Comprehension

Level 1 involves conveying straightforward information that requires awareness and understanding but does not necessitate significant practice or interaction.

Application & Analysis

Level 2 represents our standard, highly acclaimed level, favored by many of our clients. It engages learners with scenarios, customized interactions, and practical exercises.

Synthesis & Evaluation

Level 3 courses are tailored for trainers seeking more immersive learning experiences. Trainees will have opportunities to practice simulated procedures, enhancing engagement and understanding.

Three Levels of Interactivity

Multimedia Assets & User Engagement

When it comes to interactivity in our eLearning, we consider how learners engage – from navigating text, graphics, and animations to participating in simulated scenarios or complex branching activities. Our aim is to deliver a dynamic learning experience that caters to diverse preferences and promotes deeper understanding.

What to include Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Static Screens (Text & Graphics)
2D animation
Voice Over & Transcript
Single-Response Interactions
Basic Scenarios
Basic Quiz
Advanced Quiz
Interactive Scenarios
Cognitive Interactions
Guided Simulation
Full Simulation