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Enjoy Our A320 Flight Experience

Let your dreams take flight

We provide you with an opportunity to experience the exhilarating working life of an airline pilot with a 60 or 120 minutes programme.

Enjoy Amazing Experience

In AIRBUS A320 Cockpit with a Great Team of Expert Guides.​

Pilot training on the Airbus A320 is an expensive undertaking costing tens of thousands of dollars. However, you could experience what it is like to be a pilot in our state-of-art simulator for a fraction of the price.

Booking Details

  • Terms and Conditions: Booking is subject to simulator availability; we will confirm your booking within 72 hours.
  • Prior to the session, a tour of the facility including viewing the various simulators will be conducted.
  • A short briefing will also be conducted to include the flight characteristics of the simulator and the profile of the programme.
  • Throughout the session, a qualified instructor will guide you in the operation of the simulator like a real aeroplane and demonstrate how the various aircraft systems are managed in flight.
  • You will also can practise some general handling like climbing and descending turns.

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