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We provide Augmented Reality (AR) Training Solutions

Augmented reality (AR) is a revolutionary solution for the training industry. There are countless use cases for applying this technology, from corporate training in soft skills to hands-on learning in sectors like manufacturing and healthcare.


Increased Mobility

AR technology can deploy through a mobile device, tablet or HMD. Load a training program on the phone or All-in-one HMD so learners can take it around with them.

Memorable Microlearning

Microlearning makes knowledge acquisition easier for learners, especially true when microlearning is immensely captivating and self-paced.

Safe Experiential Learning

Augmented reality creates an environment without employees damaging real-world products or equipment. Learners can practice on a virtual machine to be prepared to work safely in real life.

Types of AR Technologies

These technologies can be used separately or implemented together in your organisation’s training program.


Image Recognition

AR image recognition uses an APP that scans real-world 2D images and overlays 2D video, text, pictures, or 3D objects.

Plane Detection

This method places a 3D model on a real-world flat surface, like a floor or working environment.

Object Recognition

AR object recognition builds interactive experiences by attaching a 3D object to an existing real-life object.
Use Cases

Virtual Reality Solutions for Training​

Many job sectors already utilise AR. Even the retail industry uses AR to simulate complicated interactions with customers. Most notably, however, next-level AR technology appears in the medical and aerospace fields, manufacturing, and the military.

Aviation Training

AR allows the aerospace industry to see an overlay of parts on accurate models and easy access to complicated instructions.

Healthcare & Surgical Training

It is challenging to perform procedures without risk in medicine. AR allows medical students to learn about anatomy and practice surgeries.

Workplace Training

Bring new staff onboard through immersive AR experiences, showing them all aspects of the business process from their training room.


Implementing AR technology can provide step-by-step instructions to guide learners with real-time feedback during practice.


The audience can access product details by scanning them. It provides comfortable with transactions and customer interaction.


Uses AR combat training to simulate training situations, and help soldiers adapt to distinguishing friendlies from enemies.