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Both English and Chinese are Available!

VR-Based Construction Safety Training System

A better way of enhancing training for workers.
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Training Scenarios

In recent years, workplace safety and health has been the primary concern of construction sites. Workplace accidents can be prevented if the workers are properly trained.  Virtual reality (VR) training offers a risk-free space to develop and reinforce WSH awareness in high-risk work environments, such as construction sites. 

VR training replicates workspaces, creating a truly immersive, collaborative and practical space to allow learners to acquire hands-on experience in dealing with emergencies, hazardous conditions and/or operating of high-risk equipment without being exposed to real-world dangers.

 We have developed 24 VR Safety Training modules specially for construction sites for learners to perfect their skills and improve knowledge retention.

Reserved Hole Fall
Scaffold Falling
Elevator Fall
Fall from Height
Unloading Platform Collapse
Scaffold Collapse
Foundation Pit Collapse
Template Support Collapse
Tower Crane Collapse
Mobile Scaffold Collapse
Temporary Unloading Falling
High Altitude Parabolic
Tower Crane Falling
Concrete Mixer Injury
Grinder Injury
Electric Saw Injury
Electric Distribution Box Injury
Cable Leakage
Dorm Fire Injury
Fire Accident Caused by Smoking
Welding Fire Injuries from Height
Excavator Crushing Injury
Forklift and Shifting
Excavator Injury

VR Training Approach

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

The best way to learn and retain information is to actually experience it, and VR learning is one of the solutions. Our VR training packages are designed to optimise the learning experience.

Experiential Learning

VR training has allowed learners to directly experience environments or situations that are difficult to replicate using traditional teaching methods such as classroom training. As a result, each learner can repeatedly practice dangerous procedures and demanding tasks in a safe and risk-free environment.

Realistic Simulation

Scenarios are designed and developed based on real-life accidents with a high level of interactivity. Learners can manipulate the environment and test variables, for example, interacting with objects, and virtual avatars or even collaborating with other real-life users within the virtual space.


Assessment plays an essential role in the process of learning and motivation. Assessment is available to assess the learners’ knowledge and provide feedback to improve their performance. The results are downloadable in Excel format.

Specifications & Deployment​

Well-designed PC-based VR training system with plug-and-play capabilities that can be delivered and set up in one day


Ready Product

It is packaged with 24 accident scenarios and delivered immediately without customisation.


Be able to customise the accidents and content with a minimum fee.

Immersive 3D Environment

Developed by Unreal Game Engine with high fidelity immersive 3D environment and interactive objects, voice-overs, and sound effects.

PC-based VR

The training software requires a windows based computer with a graphics card which supports DisplayPort and a PC-based wired VR Headset, e.g. HTC Cosmos or Vive Pro.


A minimum 2m x 2m play area is required to play the 6DoF VR.

Multi Languages

Users can select English or Chinese with respective voice-overs, and other languages can add in with a minimum fee.